Seo-a New Boom In Marketing Business

SEO marketing is one of the topics which have shown wide interest in public minds and in every known business domain. So, it is very important to understand the marketing strategy very well before publishing your site, page or blog or any other article on the internet. Some of the key points which will help in this are as follows.

Plagiarism-free content

The most important thing to be kept in mind before publishing article is that the content should be fresh, new, and should not contain text which is copied from some other site.

Unique domain name

The site on which you are publishing your content on should have a unique domain name. The domain name should have some relevance to the search keyword which will be used to search the article.

Use LSI keywords

The use of LSI keywords helps in optimizing the search intensity of a particular keyword. Also it helps the search engine to search articles more easily and effortlessly.

Use of keywords in title, H-tags

For effective SEO search result it is important to place the keywords in the H tags, links, the title of the article and description section.


The No Open Directory (NOODP) and No Yahoo Directory (NOYDIR) are the tools which should be used in WordPress plugins as they help search engine to find better results.

Local citations and statistics

Make use of local citations and statistics as they will help in boosting local SEO and drive more traffic. The use of bullets and numbering also helps in the same.

Proofed the content

You can reduce the load item of page to a greater extent when suppose you want your page to go live and accept live data just by proffering the content before going live. This would give a better SEO exposure.

Go for google local listing

To boost your local SEO and optimize its results of site visibility you can give your created sites listing on Google My Business. They give you insights about the keywords, webpages, and set of external and internal links which can prove useful for improving your sites ranking.

Creation of social brand pages

You can create a set of social brand page profile on your Facebook or twitter wall to get a good page rank in SERPs. Also using the Googles disavow tool you can filter out the unwanted add, links and spam materials from your website.

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