Choosing A Legal Practice In England

If you need legal advice – whether that is about a criminal case, divorce, other aspects of family law, or something to do with your commercial business or employment law, then you will need to bring in a specialist. There are a lot of different legal practices out there – and each one will have its own aspects of law that it focuses on. Your first task is finding someone that runs a law firm in your chosen area of expertise.

A good legal practice will give you a solicitor that will work on your case – you won’t find yourself dealing with multiple different people as the case goes on. They will give you a general idea of how much time they expect to spend on the case, and you will be able to pay for that amount of time – and be given fair warning if they feel that the case is taking more time than they expect.

Some legal practices operate on a retainer basis, and for things like personal injury there are no-win, no-fee options, but for divorce law or employment law, you’re more likely to end up operating on a per hour basis, and that can get quite expensive.

There are pricing tiers – a more experienced lawyer will cost more than a less experienced one. However, to an extent a lawyer is a lawyer. If you are getting a contract drawn up and it is a fairly mundane task then any lawyer with the right specialisation can do the job. Read this for more information on choosing the right lawyer for your needs.

If you have concerns about whether the lawyer will respond to your phone calls and give you the service that you need, then you may want to speak to others who have used similar services and get recommendations from them. Ideally, you want someone who will communicate with you throughout the case and help you to understand what is going on. This is especially true if you are being taken to court – or taking someone to court. In those cases, customer service will matter.

Remember that you aren’t stuck with one legal practice forever. Yes, it will take time to bring a new legal professional up to speed, but if you are not happy with their customer service, there is nothing stopping you dealing with a different team. You are a customer, and you have a right to good service.